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Rent solar panels

You can rent solar panels from our solar power plants in Kivikko, Messukeskus and Suvilahti or rent even more efficient solar panels from our Nurmijärvi solar panel field. Prices starting from € 5,39/month.

Rent solar panels

Choose your own solar panel

You can choose your panel from Messukeskus, Kivikko or Suvilahti  power plants or from Nurmijärvi solar farm. Your panel produces electricity the whole year round, also in sunny winter days.

We credit the production of your panel on your electricity bill. The average credit is one euro per month, depending on the weather. You can add the solar panel to any electricity contract. If you don't have electricity from Helen, start by making an electricity contract with us.


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Rent a panel from a solar power plant

Become a solar electricity producer and rent a panel from our solar power plant. We offer you an easy way to influence the amount of renewable energy in Finland: we promise to build as many solar power plants as there is demand.

Solar power from your own dedicated panels

In Messukeskus solar power plant there are 1589 panels, in Suvilahti 1,194 solar panels and in Kivikko 2,992 panels. You can rent as many panels as you want to.

At best, a 285-watt monocrystalline panel generates electricity equivalent to more than 25 energy-saving bulbs. You receive the panel’s entire output without deductions.


Real time view on the solar power plant output

You can monitor the plant’s production online. The live camera shows how the sun shines onto the plant, and alongside you will see how the output changes with the sunshine. You can also compare your panel’s output to your own power consumption.


Output credited from your electricity bill

The production varies according to season. The average credit is about one euro per month, leaving approx. EUR 3.40/mth to pay on the panel (price varies according to production).


This is how much your panel produces

Southern Finland has as good conditions for solar power production as Northern Germany. The power generation of your panel will be spread so that it is highest in the summer months.


Solar energy from your own roof

If you live in a detached house, you can buy a solar panel package to your roof.