Carefree heat for companies

District heat is a long-term and stable investment for companies. We are with you every step of the way to ensure that everything works as it should.

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District heat services for many situations

A superior heating solution

  • Excellent security of supply
  • An effortless and reliable heating solution
  • We utilise waste energy in heating efficiently through our unique and awarded energy system

Select renewable district heat

  • Eco Heat Bio is among the most eco-efficient heating energies in Helsinki
  • With Eco Heat Bio you reduce the property’s carbon footprint in a concrete way and contribute to local renewable energy production.

We will ensure that heating is available and that maintenance is attended to

  • We inspect in advance the installation plans and installation of district heating equipment.
  • We are in charge of the quality control of equipment during commissioning and when equipment is upgraded.
  • We monitor the condition of the equipment in connection with our maintenance service and through remote reading, and offer our help when needed.
  • We offer you advice if you have any technical problems.
  • We provide our expertise when changes and repairs are carried out. It is recommended to improve energy efficiency in connection with any repairs.

A number of benefits

  • Keeps the yards and paths clear of ice and snow in the winter
  • Dries wetrooms in an energy-efficient way
  • Provides constant and economical heating during construction

Best district heating expertise in Europe

We provide you with over a hundred years of experience in the energy sector. You have the direct or indirect use of over 1,000 experts, as well as our extensive and capable partner network. Together we are the leading district heating and cooling expert in Europe.

A versatile energy partner

Suitable heating solution for your company’s needs

District heat is a superior, carefree and energy-efficient heating solution even for more demanding office and commercial properties.

We also offer renewable district heat produced with renewable energy sources.

Our district heat has been awarded several times both at home and abroad. We serve our customers with our long-standing experience in the energy sector, always offering the most efficient solutions. In addition to modern technology, the key role is played by our competent experts and our extensive network of partners for securing an undisturbed supply of district heat to our customers' properties.

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Energy solutions according to our customers’ wishes

As your energy partner, we find the most suitable solutions for all of the energy needs of your company. We take care of matters in terms of heating, electricity and cooling.

Our service includes consultation with Helen's experts including a budget estimate, so therefore it is advisable that you contact us already in the project stage. That way we can ensure the availability of district heat and the best possible method of implementation for your property. When the plans are in order, we will send you the contract for signing.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the heating of properties.

Support and understanding in planning

District heat is ecologically the most sensible solution in a densely built residential area. By investing in planning during the project stage, you save the customer's money and avoid any unexpected scheduling surprises.

We will be delighted to provide consultation on the plans and the location of the heat distribution room already in the project or building permit stage.

Heating experts at your service

We will ensure the district heat connection point and the dimensioning of equipment by checking all of the plans in advance. We can also provide a map extract for you.

We apply the general regulations and guidelines of the sector and offer sample connections.

Join our district heat experts

As part of our quality control, we will inspect the contractor's installation plan and carry out an inspection on the equipment before their commissioning. You can send the necessary plans to us via the document download service (in Finnish).

Contracting on our district heating network requires the necessary permits. Therefore, join Helen's network of experts and start contracting in Helsinki.

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Origin of district heat

The origin of district heat is based on the production mix of district heat produced in Helsinki, deducted by renewable district heat and other separate products.

The specific carbon dioxide emissions of district heat were 187 g/kWh in 2020. Also see the origin and specific emissions of all sold districh heat.

Origin of district heat 2022

Source of energy %
Oil 7
Natural gas 9
Bio 1
Coal 63
Heat pumps 15

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