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Reliable and carbon-neutral cooling for properties of all sizes in Helsinki.

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Carbon-neutral cooling for businesses

Cooling is a carefree and reliable cooling solution that enables a pleasantly constant ambient temperature in properties of all sizes. Our cooling is energy efficient and carbon neutral, and it is available for all properties heated with district heating in Helsinki. Cooling improves the comfort of both employees and customers and increases the value of your property.

The benefits of cooling

Cooling guarantees a pleasant ambient temperature in your property throughout the year, which improves the comfort of both employees and customers. Constant conditions extend the life span of the premises and increase the value of your property. The installation of the cooling solutions is a smooth process and we will ensure that the cooling operations will remain stable 24/7.

A property with cooling also enables enhanced efficiency for the energy system because the waste heat of the property is utilised into carbon-neutral district heat in Helsinki.

Helen's cooling solutions

District Cooling

District cooling is a discreet and quiet cooling solution that enables a pleasant ambient temperature in properties in the city centre of Helsinki in a carbon-neutral and maintenance-free way.

Real Estate Cooling

Carbon-neutral and maintenance-free Real Estate Cooling enables a pleasant ambient temperature for properties in Helsinki outside the city centre.

Why should you get cooling from Helen?


Maintenance-free and reliable cooling is a carefree choice​

We are responsible for cooling production, and we take care of the cooling operations on your behalf 24/7.


Cooling solutions for all kinds of properties​

Our selection includes a cooling solution suitable for all kinds of properties, old and new. Our solutions are also suitable for processes that require continuous cooling.


Carbon-neutral cooling supports your journey towards climate targets​

The eco-friendliness of our cooling is based on carbon-neutral production and efficient utilisation of energy flows into carbon-neutral district heat.

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