Digital mailbox Kivra

We have started using the Kivra digital mailbox service for sending and receiving 110% climate-compensated digital mail. Using Kivra instead of paper invoices helps reduce emissions from paper, printing and transport. With the Kivra digital mailbox service, you can receive, pay and archive your invoices electronically. 

To start using Kivra

  1. If you receive your bills by letter in paper format, please download the Kivra app to your phone or go to
  2. Sign up with your online banking codes or mobile certificate.
  3. Ready! You will receive your next invoice electronically in Kivra.

You will receive a message on your phone and in your e-mail every time you get a new invoice and when a due date is approaching.

The service is not just a channel for safe and easy payment of invoices, but also for receiving, sharing and storing of all kinds of documents.

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There are many good reasons to install Kivra, the free digital mailbox service

  1. Gather your digital interaction in one secure channel
    Are your mail, invoices, tickets and receipts scattered between different channels? Store all of your documents in one digital channel. Install Kivra and you can receive, pay and store all of the documents, messages and invoices you would otherwise receive by mail or e-mail in one place. This will make life much easier!
  2. Be good to the environment
    We want to offer our customers the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint.
    With Kivra you can receive and pay your invoices easily and safely in an environmentally friendly way. By replacing paper invoices with electronic ones, you will reduce the climate load and help us reduce the carbon footprint of paper invoices.
  3. Take care of your daily business together or on behalf of someone else
    With Kivra it is easy to share everyday documents with family members. By sharing the service with another Kivra user, both can read the received messages and stored documents. You can also pay invoices together or take care of them on behalf of another.
  4. No more forgotten due dates
    You will always be notified of new invoices and be reminded of an approaching due date.
    Thanks to Kivra, there will be no more lost invoices and you will always be notified when you receive new mail. The service will also remind you about approaching due dates.

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