We recommend you an e-invoice, which you can order through your online bank. The e-invoice is a safe, easy and ecological way to receive and pay bills. 

How to order e-invoices

Log into your online bank

Have your latest electricity or district heating bill ready.

Sign an e-invoicing agreement

Follow the instructions in the online bank. Select Helen Oy from the list of payees and enter the bill reference number as the identification data in the appropriate field.

Choose the acceptance method

Decide whether you want to accept every payment seperatly or choose to pay your bills automatically.

Check and send

Check and send the e-invoice order.

Watch your mail

Your next bill may still be sent to you in the paper format, but after that it will be sent directly to your online bank as an e-invoice.


From now on you only have to accept your bills in your online bank.

Notice these things about e-invoicing

  • The e-invoice contract is automatically applied to all your current and future electricity contracts.
  • You can find your bills also in our online service on the Bills page.
  • When you terminate your e-invoice agreement in your online bank, it ends for all your active electricity contracts.
  • If you want to cancel the e-invoice from one individual contract, please contact our customer service.

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