Instructions for reading the bill

We have compiled instructions on how to read the electricity and district heating bill. If you still have any questions about the bills, please contact our customer services. We will be happy to help you.

Temporary changes to billing and services

Your New-Look Electricity Bill

You are holding Helen Ltd’s new-look electricity bill. The information on the bill is the same as before, but it has been rearranged to be better and clearer.

Page 1. Electricity bill

1. Bill information Bill number, due data and reference number.

2. Customer information When you contact our customer services, you will need one of the reference numbers of your bill: customer number, contract number, bill number or metering point ID. Customer-related details are found in the same place.

3. Contract details The contract number, validity of the contract and the billing details for the contract have been grouped together.

4. Actual electricity usage Shows electricity consumption in kilowatt-hours and euros for the billing period.

5. Breakdown of total charge Shows the share of value added tax of the total charge of the electricity bill and the total charge without value added tax.

Page 2. Bill itemisation

6. Electricity distribution If the usage location is within the Helen electricity network area, the electricity distribution is billed on the same invoice. Electricity tax is billed with electricity distribution, and the tax consists of excise tax and strategic stockpile fee. These are shown as separate lines in the bill itemisation. The electricity excise tax and strategic stockpile fee are charged for all electricity distributed to customers through the distribution network.

7. Electrical energy Breakdown of electric energy based on actual electricity usage. The breakdown shows on separate lines the electricity product, period during which the consumption has been metered, actual electricity usage (kWh), unit price, and total of each line in euros. Electricity usage is invoiced on a single line for the entire billing period if there are no price changes during the period. For example, meter replacement also causes separate billing lines before and after the replacement.

You can view monthly consumption data in Oma Helen

Instructions for reading your district heating bill

Check out the district heating and cooling bills with the following examples. Click to enlarge the images.

1. Bill information Bill number, billing period and reference number.

2. Customer information When contacting our customer service, you will need the number of consumption place to speed up the process. You can find the consumption place number and other customer-related information can be found in the same section.

3. Contract details 

4. Overview of consumption bill Shows the invoice overview by product

Page 2: Breakdown of consumption bill

5. General information of the bill breakdown The breakdown shows the amount of thermal energy used as a basis for energy charges. Billing period for the consumption bill, e.g. 1.3.-31.3.2024.

Instructions for reading your district heating billInstructions for reading your district heating bill

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