Make smarter energy choices and see the difference in your electricity bills

With the app, you will get an overall picture of your energy consumption, stay up-to-date with your bills, contract and other energy issues, and get help quickly in any problem situations.

In the initial stage, the Oma Helen app is available to customers who have an electricity contract with Helen. The new service is developed constantly, and in the future all Helen’s customers will be able to use it for managing their energy issues.

Why Oma Helen?



Do you know on which day of the week your electricity consumption is at its highest? Or how your electricity is generated?

With Oma Helen, you can monitor your own energy consumption from the hourly to the yearly level. When you are better acquainted with your energy usage, you can optimise your consumption and save money.




Did you remember to pay the electricity bill? Or sign an electricity contract for your new home? 

In Oma Helen, you can check and manage these everyday electricity matters quickly and easily!




Need answers about your contract or other energy issues? 

In Oma Helen, you will find answers to frequently asked questions, and you can easily contact Helen’s customer service. We are here to support you in problem situations.


Download the Oma Helen app

  1. In the initial stage, the Oma Helen app is available to Helen’s electricity customers
  2. Download the free app either from App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android)
  3. When you use the app for the first time, authenticate yourself with your banking codes or mobile certificate
  4. Oma Helen app is ready for use!

Features of the Oma Helen app

  • Monitor the energy consumption of your household
  • View the contract and customer data
  • Check bills and billing data
  • Send a change of address notification
  • Contact customer services
  • Read frequently asked questions about billing and electricity contracts

We need your help to make the best Oma Helen

 We are constantly improving Oma Helen and developing new functionalities for the app. We want to hear your opinion! Customer feedback on the Oma Helen app:

 “A really handy and novel way to understand my own energy usage”

 “This app was easy to use and the login process was smooth. The reports on electricity consumption were excellent and interesting”


 Give feedback through App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android):

Questions and answers about Oma Helen

Find answers to the most frequent questions here.

You can change the question with arrow keys and open and close the answer with space key.

For Android devices, the app can be downloaded from the Google Play app store and for iOS devices from the App Store. The app is free of charge.

Until further notice, the app is available for Helen’s electricity contract customers only. Please check that you have a valid electricity contract with Helen. If the electricity contract for your household is, for example, in your partner’s name, they can start using the app with their own login details. We will be adding new functionalities and customer types soon.

We receive the official metering data from distribution system operators, and there is usually a delay of one or two days in the supply of data.

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Electricity accident insurance cover

When you purchase your electricity from us, you will also receive insurance cover in case of an electrical accident.

Electricity distribution in Helsinki

Helen sells electricity in all parts of Finland, and the local electricity network company is responsible for electricity distribution.