Oma Helen is at your service around the clock

The Oma Helen app serves you at any time of the day, at the most convenient time for you. In the app, it is easy to manage your contract-related issues. Oma Helen also shows extensive information about your energy usage and production even at the hourly level. The use of the service is free of charge. 


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Why Oma Helen?


All your contract data in one place

Where can you find the bills? And what type is your current electricity contract and how much does your electricity cost?

Check these and many other everyday matters about electricity in a quick and easy way in Oma Helen! The app shows all your contract and billing data.


Key to understanding your energy usage

What is your consumption like? Oma Helen brings together all the information you need about the electricity consumption of your home and your solar panel production.

Monitor your production and consumption easily even down to the hourly and daily level with clear and insightful information.



Available at any time of the day

Do you need to transfer an electricity contract to a new address, or would you perhaps like to change your billing method?

These changes are also easy to make in Oma Helen yourself at any time, when it’s most convenient for you. You can use the app at any time of the day.


Features of the Oma Helen app

  • View your contract and customer data – you will see the type of your current electricity contract and how much your electricity costs
  • Monitor the energy consumption of your home – you will know what time you’re using the most electricity
  • Make the most of your solar panels – get an overall picture of your energy production
  • Check your bills and billing data – your entire billing history can be viewed in the service
  • Change your bill payment date and billing method – sign up for an e-invoice contract swiftly in the app
  • Changing your address is easy – you can transfer your current contract to the new address
  • Read frequently asked questions about billing and electricity contracts

Make smarter energy choices and see the difference in your electricity bills

Oma Helen gives you an overall picture of your electricity usage and the production of your solar panels, and you keep on top of your energy matters – all in once place.

Oma Helen can also be used on a web browser in addition to a mobile app. In addition to electricity customers, the Oma Helen browser service also serves district heating and cooling customers.
Our business customers have their own Yritys Helen service. Log in to Yritys Helen.

The Oma Helen app is developed constantly, and in the future it will offer an even better energy service for all Helen’s customers. You can send feedback for developing Oma Helen via the app.

Questions and answers about Oma Helen

Find answers to the most frequent questions here.

You can change the question with arrow keys and open and close the answer with space key.

For Android devices, the app can be downloaded from the Google Play app store and for iOS devices from the App Store. The app is free of charge.

Until further notice, the app is available for Helen’s electricity contract customers only. Please check that you have a valid electricity contract with Helen. If the electricity contract for your household is, for example, in your partner’s name, they can start using the app with their own login details. We will be adding new functionalities and customer types soon.

We receive the official metering data from distribution system operators, and there is usually a delay of one or two days in the supply of data.

You can download the energy usage report on the browser version of Oma Helen. When you are logged in to the browser version of Oma Helen, you can view the consumption and production data of your metering points in the “Electricity” section. On the upper right-hand corner of the electricity usage graph there is a blue bar “Download as file”. When you click the bar, you will see instructions for downloading a report for a selected period. The report will open as an Excel file.

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