News / 8.11.2019

Impact of postal strike at Helen

A strike affecting mail delivery started on Monday, 11 November. Helen’s bills and other letters will be sent out as normal.

Bills and confirmations of contract sent by post will be delivered by several different distribution companies.

More than 60% of bills and over 80% of confirmations are sent electronically. We also record bills in our electronic archive in connection with sending them, in which case the customer has an option of receiving their bills via the online service.

If you have not received a bill due to the postal strike, please contact our customer service. We may be able to extend the payment period if the bill distributor is Posti.

Switch to e-invoice or MobilePay

Switch your billing method easily by logging into Helen’s online service. By selecting e-invoicing or Mobile Pay as the billing method, postal services will have no impact on receiving your bills.

The e-invoice is a safe, easy and ecological way to receive and pay bills. You will receive an electronic e-invoice in your online bank where you can view, pay, archive or print out your bill.

In MobilePay, you can pay a bill on your phone with just one swipe in the same way as making other payment transactions in the MobilePay application.

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