Helen Group

Helen Group employs approx. 1000 experts and specialists. We are one of Finland's largest energy groups.

Helen Group is a commercial entity, which consists of the parent company Helen Ltd and the subsidiaries Helen Electricity Network Ltd, Oy Mankala Ab, Helsingin Energiatunnelit Oy, Tuulipuisto Lakiakangas 3 Oy, and Kristinestad Tupaneva Oy. The Group’s associated companies are Voimapiha Oy, Suomen Merituuli Oy, Liikennevirta Oy, Böle Vindkraft Ab/Oy, Pjelax Vindkraft Ab/Oy, Kristinestad-Tjöck Vindpark Ab, &charge GmbH, and Think Outside AS.

Helen Ltd offers its customers electricity, district heat and district cooling, as well as diverse services for small-scale energy production, customers’ own energy use and improving its efficiency. Energy is generated in power plants located in Helsinki, as well as in other production plants and through power assets owned by the company. Helen Ltd is owned by the City of Helsinki.

Helen Electricity Network Ltd (100%) focuses on electricity network operations by virtue of the Electricity Market Act. It also offers its customers electricity transmission and distribution services in almost all districts of Helsinki. The business operations of the network company account for about 10 per cent of the Helen Group’s net turnover.

Oy Mankala Ab (100%) is a production company that owns the Mankala, Ahvenkoski, Klåsarö and Ediskoski hydropower plants located on the River Kymijoki. Oy Mankala Ab owns 8.1 per cent of Teollisuuden Voima Oyj, 16.1 per cent of Suomen Hyötytuuli Oy and 50 per cent of Suomen Merituuli Oy.

Helsingin Energiatunnelit Oy (90%) serves the energy, water management telecommunications networks. The City of Helsinki owns 10 per cent of Helsingin Energiatunnelit Oy.

The wind farm Tuulipuisto Lakiakangas 3 (60%) was completed in Ostrobothnia in partnership with project developer CPC Finland. Energy generated by the new wind farm is available to Helen’s customers from the beginning of 2022.

The electricity transmission company established by Helen and CPC Finland, Kristinestad Tupaneva Oy (60%), is responsible for transmitting the electricity generated by the wind farm into the national grid.

Directors of Helen Group

The Directors of Helen Group are responsible for acting in support of the CEO of Helen Ltd and the managing directors of its subsidiaries in the processing and communication of matters and preparation of decision-making. 

The Directors of Helen Group are

  • Olli Sirkka, President and CEO, Helen Ltd
  • Timo Aaltonen, SVP, Energy Platform and Production Solutions
  • Rauha Bato-Liukkonen, SVP, Employee and Customer Experience
  • Jaana Eklund, VP, General Counsel
  • Anu-Elina Hintsa, SVP, Sales and Customer Service
  • Markku Järventausta, Chief Procurement Officer
  • Markus Lehtonen, CEO, Helen Sähköverkko Ltd
  • Sari Mannonen, SVP, Solution Business
  • Harri Mattila, SVP, Energy Procurement and Wholesale
  • Mikael Myllymäki, VP, CVC and M&A
  • Timo Rajala, SVP, Finance
  • Tuomas Teuri, SVP, Digital Solutions
  • Maiju Westergren, VP, Sustainability and Public Affairs