Responsible energy

Responsibility to us means the minimising of environmental impacts in all our actions, open dialogue with our stakeholders and the promotion of energy-efficiency in the entire energy chain, from the customer to the power plant.

We continued our responsibility work in 2013. We were encouraged in this by TNS Gallup, as we received an honorary award for promoting our responsibility image in the “Reputation and responsibility of companies” competition. In particular, we emphasised recognising the environmental impacts of our operations during their whole life cycle, studied the carbon footprint of district heating and reviewed the life cycle of energy production in Salmisaari, now and in the future.

Practical environmental actions

Practical environmental work in the Helen Group is carried out through business units: through those actions that cause the actual environmental impacts. Operational, environmental and energy-efficiency systems, as well as environment guidebooks, help us to control the environmental impacts. We are committed to the continuous improvement of our environmental operations, which is ensured through regular audits.

Combined heat and power production, transmission and distribution of electricity, as well as the production, sales and distribution of district heating and cooling, are certified with the according to the ISO 14001 standard. Our offices operate on the basis of the Green Office environmental programme.

Energy-efficiency first

Optimising the combined heat and power production, together with the growing demand for district cooling, enabled an even more energy-efficient energy production.  The modernisation of Myllypuro heating plant and the energy analysis of Hanasaari power plant, as well as the following optimisation of auxialiry heating with steam, completed these measures.

Our energy advisory services took a big leap forward, when the energy exhibition was reformed and the new Energy Gallery opened at the beginning of 2013. The advisory services also take the whole energy chain into account, more comprehensively than before. In addition, we developed the energy advisory services for young people, together with high school students, through the Safari 2013 project.