Great work - right attitude

Our staff has displayed strong professional competence and commitment during all the changes. The will to learn and overcome challenges are aspects that describe our employees.

This fact has been proven by both internal and external employer image studies. A study by Universum, concerning the image students have of us as an employer, ranked us as the 25th most popular employer. Another factor that shows that students are interested in Helsingin Energia is that we received about 4.500 summer job applications. We recruited, approximately, 100 summer workers for various jobs in maintenance, production and specialist fields.

Henkilöstömme tyytyväisyys on korkealla

The lost time indicate rate in Helen Group

 accidents/milion working hours
2009 15.5
2010 16.7
2011 16.9
2012 11.0
2013 10.1

High-quality work gets noticed

Honorary mentions and awards are a proof of the high-quality work and continuous development of our staff.

The Electricity Market was awarded with its second Investors in People (IIP) certificate. This certificate has already been granted to the Heating Market and HelenPortfolioManagement. The principles of IIP are already applied to the whole Group, as the standard is now applied to all management processes. The certificate is an acknowledgement of good management and of the way the whole organisation participates in planning and developing its operations.



Henkilöstömme tyytyväisyys on korkealla tasolla

Staff satisfaction at a good level

The staff satisfaction is measured regularly in Helsingin Energia. In 2013, our workers were, on average, more satisfied than workers in other electricity companies. The employees of Helen Sähköverkko Oy were the most satisfied of all the workers in the Helen Group.

According to the study, satisfaction has increased, thanks to colleagues who are willing to help, the reasonable amount of work and the sense of solidarity. Our employees were particularly happy with the internal communication of the Helsingin Energia’s strategy.

Progressive work with students

During the year, we actively took part in discussions concerning the future of work. In the Amis-Dialogi national project organised by Strategic Communications Agency Ellun Kanat, companies and their future employees, the current students, defined ways to develop work life and work itself.

Personel by task group

Helen Group

Management tasks 13
Expert tasks 36

Administrative and customer tasks


Technical tasks

Other 1

The amount of personnel

Helen Group

2009 1080 401
2010 1057 380
2011 1033 386
2012 1007 374
2013 975 366