Helen Group

Helen Group employs more than 700 experts in the energy industry. We are one of the largest energy groups in Finland.

Helen Group is a business entity consisting of the parent company, Helen Ltd, and its subsidiaries, Helen Electricity Network Ltd (ownership 100%), Oy Mankala Ab (100%), Helsingin Energiatunnelit Oy (90%), Geonova Ltd (approximately 58%), Tuulipuisto Lakiakangas 3 Oy (100%), Kristinestad Tupaneva Ltd (100%), Helen Solarpark Kalanti Ltd (100%), Kalanti GridCo Ltd (100%), Kalistanneva Wind Farm Ltd (60%), Karahka Wind Farm Ltd (51%), Juurakko Wind Farm Ltd (51%), Niinimäki Wind Farm Ltd (51%) and Niinimäki Grid Oy (approximately 46%).

Helen Group's associated companies are Voimapiha Oy (approximately 33%), Liikennevirta Oy (approximately 23%), Pjelax Vindkraft Ab/Oy (40%), &charge GmbH (24%) and Viiatti GridCo Ltd (30%).

Helen Ltd is a company owned by the City of Helsinki and its administration is based on the Limited Liability Companies Act, the articles of association and the group policy of the City of Helsinki. Helen Ltd provides electricity, heating and cooling to its customers, as well as diverse services for energy microgeneration, energy usage and optimised consumption.

Helen Electricity Network Ltd focuses on grid activities in line with the Electricity Market Act, providing electricity distribution services that cover nearly the entire capital region.

Oy Mankala Ab is a production company that owns the hydropower plants of Mankala, Ahvenkoski, Klåsarö and Ediskoski along the Kymi river.