Ellen's energy adventure

The energy transition affects children and young people above all. Therefore, it is important that they receive reliable energy information that is also age appropriate and inspiring. Ellen’s energy adventure is an enjoyable and educational children’s book about energy.

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We want to talk about energy in a way that even a child can understand


Energy future affects children and young people above all

Energy is important to all of us, but it does not need to be difficult. Our mission is to make energy easy to understand for everyone, because only by increasing understanding can we establish hope as we go through the energy transition. When we look into the future, we see possibilities and want to help others see them too.

Ellen’s energy adventure children’s book provides children and their families as well as experts in the field of education accessible information on the energy transition, different forms of energy and the climate crisis.

Ellen’s energy adventure is an educational fairy-tale about energy

Ellen’s energy adventure is a story of a little girl who helps lost energy Posi and Neg find their way back to the electricity network. Along the way they – and you – learn about different energy sources, the climate crisis and about the different ways in which you can save energy at home.

The book was written by Leandro Righini and Mick Scheinin. And its magnificent illustrations were created by Eveliina Saarentaus, a student at Aalto University.