In recruitment, it is important for both the employee and the employer to consider their values. What kind of work do I want to do? What kinds of employees do we want? How do our values meet? 

Mikä työssä on tärkeintä?

While industry and commerce are going through the turmoil of structural change, the values are changing, especially among young people.

Young people are increasingly motivated by meaningful work and the experience of having an impact on the well-being of individuals and society. This has been affected, e.g. by the challenging economic and political situation, climate change, and dwindling natural resources. It is time to consider a new direction and the meaning of work.

How are the working life and business environment changing and what kind of people do we need? We at Helen have been giving this a lot of thought. We quite agree with the observation of the Nyt supplement to Helsingin Sanomat newspaper that the culture of experimentation, openness and enterprise social networking are on the increase. The feeling of meaningfulness increases when the employee gets to the heart of doing: to develop, innovate and influence.


In our opinion, it goes without saying that we represent all of the things that, according to studies, are interesting to young people.

  • We operate in an extremely interesting and constantly evolving energy sector, which deals with huge issues in view of the future of the entire humankind, right now.
  • We are a Finnish high tech company, which the whole country can take pride in.
  • We are visible to people in a concrete way, every day, as electricity and heat, at home and in the street.
  • We are present in the everyday lives of ordinary people.

Mikä työssä on tärkeintä?

Nevertheless, in the opinion of young people, we are not a very exciting workplace. What can we do to make improvements?

We must communicate better about our goals. We must be visible and tell more clearly what we do. We must let the voices of the ‘future makers’ be heard.

A positive corporate culture is a selling point in the employee market, and we must invest in that. Visible investment in research and development is interesting to young jobseekers. We are also aware that we have been very modest in advertising ourselves as a workplace. We want to develop in this area.

In order to improve our image as an employer, we have partnered with Universum, which specialises in the subject. The results and their analyses have been of great help to us.


Expansion of tasks and expertise is another essential part of supporting the career development of our employees. Job rotation is commonplace, and it is one reason why we have so many longstanding employees.

However, the meaningfulness of work consists of many aspects. It is our principle that the job descriptions of our experts are partly founded on the person’s own expertise. That way, the person makes the role their own. This is the best way to take our company forward.