Exchange Electricity

In the Spot Electricity contract, the price of electricity is determined directly on the basis of the market price of the electricity exchange.

Spot price
0.31 c/kWh
Basic price 5.00 €/month

Who is it suitable for?

Companies prepared to regulate their electricity use and to monitor changes in electricity prices.

A Spot Electricity contract is a good choice when the market price of electricity starts to fall rapidly, for example, as the prices of emission allowances fall or when there are quick changes in the water supply situation. In such a situation, the prices of other electricity products will not necessarily react to the price fall as readily as the Spot Electricity contract. In a reverse situation, the prices of the Exchange Electricity contract will be the first to react upwards. This risk is worth keeping in mind.

The company’s electricity use and its costs can be monitored in our online services, where you can also see a comparison of whether any savings have been made through regulated use, for example, compared with electricity with a flat rate.

What does the price consist of?

The price of electricity is formed on the basis of the hourly implemented exchange price and electricity consumption. The price of the Spot contract consists of the basic charge and the energy price.

The electricity bill will show the actual average price for the month. There are about 720 hours in a month, and each hour will have its own price. That is why these prices are not shown separately on the bill. The average price is obtained by weighting the price for every hour of the month with the energy consumption of the hour in question.

If the company’s electricity use is not metered and registered by the hour, the monthly price of electricity is calculated using the group 3 type load curve as determined in decision No. 491 by the Ministry of Trade and Industry.


The origin of electricity is based on the production mix of electricity produced in Finland, deducted by electricity produced with energy sources with a certified guarantee of origin.

Specific carbon dioxide emissions of electricity are 235 g/kWh and the amount of spent nuclear fuel is 1,4 mg/kWh. See also the origin and specific emissions of all sold electricity.

Energiamuoto %
Fossil sources 41
Nuclear power 49
Renewable sources 10

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