Certificates of origin for renewable energy

Do you want to reduce your company’s carbon footprint? We can provide you with certificates of origin for renewable energy.

Reduce your company's carbon footprint with certified renewable energy

With certificates of origin, you can ensure that the electricity used by your company has been produced with the renewable energy source of your choice. When you get the certificates from us, you will receive a certificate of origin for electricity.

Available certificates

Certificates of origin can be granted for electricity produced with renewable energy sources. We provide certificates for hydropower, windpower and bioenergy.

You can also choose EKOenergy label, which means your company is entitled to use the international EKOenergy label created by the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation. As a licenced seller of EKOenergy we secure the origin of the EKOenergy labelled windpower.

Hydroelectricity certificate

Hydro certificate

Hydroelectricity produced in the Nordic countries,
mainly in Helen's hydropower plants.

Wind electricity certificate

Wind certificate

LEED-certified wind power produced in
the Nordic countries or Northern Europe.

Production meets the LEED sustainability criteria.

Bio electricity certificate

Bio certificate

Renewable energy produced locally in Helsinki.

Produced with pellets made from cutter shavings
or other forest industry by-products.

EKOenergy certificate


Eco-labelled Nordic LEED-certified wind power.

International ecolabel developed by
Finnish Association for Nature Conservation.

Accumulates a climate fund for renewable energy projects.

Contact our sales represtatives for further information on the certificates 

Choose the most suitable certificate for your company and contact our sales representatives through email or telephone. We are happy to answer all your questions related to certificates.

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