District heating connection

You can join district heating by drawing up a heating contract with us. We will make an offer for a contract once we have checked the details of your property.

Connecting a new building to the district heating network

Find out about your connection options by contacting us.

Please submit your property details. 

Request a statement of endorsement for the planning permission application. To agree on the property's heat measurement site, we need the architect’s drawings delivered in the appropriate way. The statement of endorsement is to be enclosed with the planning permission application.

The property owner takes care of delivering the HVAC plans. The HVAC plans are used for determining or specifying the contracted water flow for district heat.

We will send you the offer once we have received all of the above-mentioned documents, the contact details and the quantity or scope of the property, architect’s drawings and HVAC plans.

Request an offer on equipment installation from a heat contractor approved by district heat sales. Other contractors have no permission to carry out district heating work in the Helsinki region.

Helsingin Energia’s planning engineer, work supervisors and the site representative agree on a detailed time schedule for building the branch line and its route.

The customer is responsible for the earth construction work. We will send the heat contract for signing about one month before the connection is carried out.

Questions about connecting to district heating?

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