Information about the business model, Management Group and members of the Board of Directors of Helen Ltd. We are one of the biggest energy groups in Finland.

Members of the management group

Juha-Pekka Weckström CEO
Maiju Westergren VP, Sustainability and Public Affairs
Harri Mattila SVP, Energy Procurement and Wholesale
Rauha Bato-Liukkonen SVP, Emplyee and Customer Experience
Timo Rajala SVP, Finance
Tuomas Teuri SVP, Digital Solutions
Sari Mannonen SVP, Solution Business
Timo Aaltonen SVP, Production and Asset Management
Anu-Elina Hintsa SVP, Sales and Customer Service
Antti Sallila SVP, Strategy, mergers and acquisitions

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Financial publications

Our annual report presents our financial and operational key figures and the report on social responsibility. Interim reports describe our operations in the short term.


Our strategic targets for 2016–2020 focus on growth, profitability, climate-neutral energy, responsibility and sharing in success.


We report on events related to our operations. You can browse the news according to type and category.

Helen Group

Board of directors