We are making the possibilities of a new energy era accessible to all.

Helen's strategy

We are making the possibilities of a new energy era accessible to all. Our goal is a cleverer, carbon-neutral energy system where everyone can produce, use and save energy with due regard for the environment. With an open mind, we will develop smarter and cleaner solutions to respond to the energy challenges of today and tomorrow, together with our customers.

We offer easier and more streamlined everyday living, and invite our customers – already almost a quarter of all Finns – to join us in building a better tomorrow. We are trailblazers who grab future possibilities today and spearhead change in the entire sector.


Our strategic goals

Bolder and more agile

We will be more customer-centred and focus on developing the skills and abilities most important to us. We will engage in more collaboration and streamline our decision-making.

Better returns

Our steady and constantly improving product and service business in electricity, heating and cooling permits investments in solution business.

Strenghtening solution business

Our aim is that new solution areas, such as regional renewable energy, smart housing technology solutions and electric mobility will produce significant growth.

Towards carbon-neutral energy

Our goal is a carbon-neutral energy system. We will create a cleaner, more flexible and smarter energy system and act as the frontrunner of sustainable energy systems.

Partner network for growth

We will increasingly work with our customers, strengthen our partner network and invest in start-ups.

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See energy in a new light 

Helen was born over 100 years ago out of a need to create safer and more eco-friendly energy in a smoky city. We are continuing along that road – for the sake of all of us.

Helen Ltd in a nutshell

Our presentation video gives an overview of our operations in less than two minutes.

Financial publications

Our annual report presents our financial and operational key figures and the report on social responsibility. Interim reports describe our operations in the short term.


Helen Ltd is a company owned by the City of Helsinki and part of the Helen Group.