About us


Our mission is to meet our customers’ varied energy needs eco-efficiently, reliably and economically.

Our strategic goals

  • We strive for profitable growth. It is our goal to improve our position among the leading Nordic energy companies.
  • We take an active part in climate change mitigation.
  • We develop our operations in accordance with sustainable development in an increasingly eco-friendly direction, and promote energy saving and efficient use of energy.
  • Our customers and other stakeholders have confidence in our operations.
  • Our operations are based on good security of supply, excellent service and high quality. We take our customers’ needs into account and communicate openly about our operations.
  • Our strong corporate culture helps us to succeed.
  • We encourage openness and promote collaboration, learning and innovation within our organisation.

Our values

Our common values help our employees to fulfil our vision to be a forerunner in energy efficiency and the deployment of new technologies among Nordic energy companies.

We take responsibility for sustainable development. Our ways of operation mitigate climate change, are pro-environmental and promote the well-being of people and the success of companies.

The skill and courage to succeed are also our values. We boldly seek and utilise new ideas and ways of operation to promote success. We are the customer’s best choice as a responsible and reliable energy company that develops new solutions.

We also value openness and mutual trust. We expand and share our expertise in order to promote Helen’s targets and goals. We are open to development ideas.