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09 6171
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Helen Ltd
00090 HELEN

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09 617 8080 ​
Mon-Tue and Thu-Fri 9-17​

24/7 phone line for movers
09 617 8020

Billing advice
09 617 8040
Mon-Fri 9-17
In the billing advice telephone service, you can deal with payment issues and postpone bill payment dates. You can also arrange reconnections of electricity that has been disconnected due to unpaid electricity bills. Please note that we are unable to deal with contract-related issues in the billing advice telephone service.

Call prices and opening hours

Power plants

Hanasaari power plant
Parrukatu 1–3, 00540 Helsinki

Salmisaari power plant
Porkkalankatu 9–11, 00180 Helsinki

Vuosaari power plant
Käärmeniementie 6–8, 00980 Helsinki

District heating and cooling

Joining the district heat 09 617 8013
District heating contracts 09 617 8014
District heating billing 09 617 8001
District heating and cooling technical support 09 617 8045
Construction sites 09 617 3016

Information security

Information security

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Media contacts 040 148 9064
Vilma Wiitakorpi-Björkman Head of Communications 050 308 0879

Energy and environment

Maiju Westergren VP, Sustainability and Public Affairs
Rauno Tolonen Climate and Energy Manager
Tea Erätuuli Corporate Responsibility Manager

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Invitations to tender

We announce current calls for tender through the supplier portal.

Invoicing in the Helen Group

We only process e-invoices. We require the use of invoicing references on all invoices. Here you can find more information and Helen Group's e-invoicing addresses.

For the media

We serve the media in energy-related issues and offer the services of our experts for interviews.