Electricity products and prices

On this page, you will find the electricity contracts we offer for businesses of different sizes. Explore also the solutions that will help you make the most of your electricity contract.

Helen provides electricity to businesses of all sizes

Choosing an electricity contract requires careful consideration because one identical electricity contract doesn't always fit the needs of all businesses. For example, the timing of electricity consumption in office spaces and factories significantly differs, which is why they require precisely selected electricity contracts tailored to their consumption. We have extensive experience in procuring electricity for various businesses, enabling us to offer customized solutions to every company.

Electricity contracts for small and medium-sized businesses

Explore electricity contracts for small and medium-sized businesses. These contracts are suitable for businesses with electricity consumption of less than 300 000 kWh per year.

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Electricity contracts for large businesses

Explore electricity contracts for large businesses. These contracts are suitable for businesses with electricity consumption of over 300 000 kWh per year.

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Yritys Helen is at your service around the clock

Yritys Helen shows extensive information about your energy usage and production even at the hourly level. In the service, it is easy to manage your contract-related issues. 

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Secure your benefits as a large customer

Sensible access to the electricity market

 • What are the best areas in the energy sector to invest in through my electricity contract?
 • How is my electricity generated?
 • Can I earn extra income with my contract, for example with demand response or as a solar power producer?

Direct and personal contact

 • How experienced is the team that manages my energy account?
 • Will I have a designated contact person and a team of experts to respond to my queries?
 • Will I get all the information and reports I need delivered in an easy way?

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Risks are managed

 • How is the electricity market developing?
 • What kind of electricity invoicing is suitable for my company: would it be fixed, or reactive to the market situation or the nature of my consumption?
 • What are the options for my company’s portfolio management?

Strong foothold in the energy industry

 • Which solutions have various customer companies found to be effective?
 • Will I receive comprehensive energy solutions and services from one partner if I so wish?

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Do no hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can find the best energy solution for your company. You will swiftly receive an offer from us on the basis of the feasibility study.

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