Open data

On this page you can acquire information on Helen's open data. The table below shows the district heating power data in Helsinki hour-by-hour. We want to grant the opportunity for all actors to study, for example, the achievement of carbon neutrality from the data perspective.

District heating power 2015-2020

You can shorten the time period by clicking on the chart and holding down the mouse button while selecting the specific time period.

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Helen also produces solar energy. You can monitor the efficiencies of solar electricity production from both the Suvilahti Solar Power Plant and the Kivikko Solar Power Plant in real time. On these pages, you can also view the efficiency data for solar energy production from the previous year.

* On 28 February 2020, we encountered an error compiling the 2016 time series published as open data. After fixing the error, the total energy drops from an incorrect level of 7.5 TWh to the correct level of 7.1 TWh, which corresponds to Helen's annual reporting for that year. The corrected data has been published on the website on 17 March 2020.

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