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On this page, you will find information to support your membership and various channels where you can get more information about your rights, current legislation, and dispute resolution methods available in case of conflicts.

Comparison of Electricity Supply Contracts

You can change your electricity supplier with an open-ended contract by giving 14 days' notice, and with a fixed-term contract from the day after its expiration (notification 14 days in advance). The new supplier you have chosen will handle the supplier exchange process. You can compare different electricity contracts using the Energy Authority's impartial Electricity Price Comparison service.

Electricity Price Comparison


Information on Rights and Current Legislation

The signing of electricity contracts is governed by Finnish law. You can familiarize yourself with current legislation on the Finlex service. Information about the rights of energy consumers can be found on the Energy Authority's consumer information pages.


Energy Authority's consumer info


Dispute Resolution for Consumer Contracts

If a dispute concerning a consumer contract cannot be settled through negotiations between the parties, the consumer may refer the case to the Consumer Disputes Board for resolution. Before referring a case to the Consumer Disputes Board, the consumer must contact the Consumer Advisory Services.

Consumer Disputes Board

Consumer Advisory Services

Dispute Resolution for Corporate Contracts

Any disputes arising from a corporate contract shall be finally settled by arbitration in accordance with the Rules for Expedited Arbitration of the Finland Chamber of Commerce. The place of arbitration is Helsinki and the language
Finnish. However, disputes concerning payment obligations arising from the contract may be settled by the Helsinki District Court.

Finland Chamber of Commerce

Juridical Authorities (


Information on Electricity Consumption

You can monitor your electricity consumption, review your contracts, and contact our customer service through the Oma Helen or Yritys Helen services. In the services, you will find comparisons of your own energy use at different times, comparative data with other energy users, and in the Oma Helen app, more detailed comparative data for similar usage locations.

By paying attention to small choices in everyday life, you can ensure that electricity is not wasted unnecessarily. Tips for smart energy use and information on the energy consumption of devices can be found on Helen's energy advice pages.

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