Electronic money transfer form

In the following instructions Ctrl+letter means pressing and holding down the Ctrl-key while pressing the letter key once on your computer keyboard. For example Ctrl+C means holding the Ctrl-key down while pressing C once.

At first

  1. Connect to internet

  2. Open the money transfer form attached to your email. In most programs you can open a file by double-clicking the file’s name or icon.

  3. You can transfer the payment details to your netbank using the bank bar code. Bank bar code can be found on the lower part of the bank transfer. Copy the whole bank bar code by selecting it with your mouse and press Ctrl + C. Select your netbank by clicking its name.

  4. Log in to your netbank. If you prefer using the bank bar code, please, read the instructions in the following section.

How to use the bank bar code in netbank

  1. After logging in to your netbank, choose “NEW PAYMENT” (UUSI MAKSU)

  2. Click the button “READ THE BAR CODE” (VIIVAKOODIN LUKU)

  3. On screen now appears a window for importing bank bar code. Paste the bank bar code into the bar code field from the clipboard by pressing Ctrl+V. Click “OK”. Now you have transferred the data from the bank bar code to approriate fields in the bank transfer.

  4. Fill in the field “payee’s name” (Saajan nimi).