Postponing bill payment

If you are unable to pay an outstanding bill by the due date, please give us a new payment date in our online service. If you are using e-invoices, please make this change also in your online bank.

Notify your new payment date electronically

You can postpone the due date free of charge once a year. There will be a charge for subsequent postponements of the due date by over 14 days. The service charge will be included in the next bill.

The charge for postponing the due date by telephone and email is 5 euros, and 2 euros when made in the online service.

The payment date of an outstanding bill can be postponed if

  • it is made before the due date of the bill
  • you have no previous bills outstanding
  • you have not previously postponed the bill in question
  • you have paid your bills by the due date

Don’t forget that it is not possible to postpone the payment date of a bill paid by direct payment. Please also note that these conditions are in force with changes made to due dates by both telephone and online.

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