Terms of contract

On this page you can find the terms of contract for our electricity and district heat customers and microgenerators, as well as information about the registers maintained by us and our data protection practices.

Terms of contract for electricity customers

The terms of electricity sales and supply provide general information about, e.g. drawing up a contract, metering and invoicing of electricity consumption, and making changes to the contract.

E-laskun käyttönotto on helppoa.

Terms of contract for district heat customers

Kaukolämpö on saatavilla kaikkialle Helsinkiin.

The terms of contract for district heat provide information about drawing up a contract, heat distribution, the contracted water flow, the heat vendor's pipes and equipment, the customer's district heat and heating equipment, the metering and invoicing of heat, securities, making changes to the contract, and supply errors.

Terms of contract for microgenerators

Microgenerators can sell their surplus electricity to us. Learn more about the terms of network service.


Treatment of personal data and terms of use of online services

Energiaa kuluu kotona moneen toimintoon.

Treatment of personal data and terms of use of online services are presented in the following.