The carbon footprint of your consumption

Your carbon footprint tells the amount of greenhouse gas emissions you produce, for example, when you drive a car, go to sauna or eat cheese. In terms of cheese, the emissions from growing the animal feed for cows all the way to cheese production are taken into account. 

Examples of carbon footprint

See how much carbon dioxide is produced by various everyday things.

  • Annual energy consumption of a 1 bedroom apartment: about 600 kg
  • Visit to Thailand: 1,250 kg
  • Driving from Helsinki to Oulu and back in a passenger car: 206 kg
  • A metro ride for the length of the whole metro line: 1.4 kg/person
  • Milk 1 l: 1 kg
  • Cheese 1 kg: 13 kg
  • Beef 1 kg: 15 kg
  • Pork and chicken 1 kg: 5 kg
  • Fish 1 kg: 1.5 kg
  • T-shirt: 7.2 kg
  • Smartphone: 190 kg