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Direct marketing practices and personal data handling

We want our marketing to be as relevant as possible for our present and future customers. We take particular care when handling our customers' personal data, continuously improving the openness and transparency of our practices.

Direct marketing at Helen

Direct marketing aims to target interesting offers to potential or current customers, contacting them by email, letter or phone.

Direct marketing is an important means of reaching potential customers, as well as informing our present customers of our new offers and services. By increasing our clientele, we ensure the future competitiveness of our products and services. At the same time, our customers are effortlessly informed of new offers and services.

A few times a year. Therefore, our direct marketing will not cause an avalanche of messages.

Our direct marketing comprises contact by email, letter and phone.

Under the EU General Data Protection Regulation coming into force in May 2018, electronic direct marketing is subject to the customer's specific permission. While requesting permission for direct marketing, we are updating our customers' details in order to improve our contact with them in matters relating to their client accounts, as well as to inform them of new products and services.

Direct marketing is used to reach new customers and to market new products and services to present customers. Customer communications aim to service existing customer relations. Examples of customer communications are the Helen magazine, newsletters ordered by the customer, or a renewal offer of a fixed-term contract.

Terms, conditions and settings for direct marketing

The marketing terms and conditions can be found here.

Changing the direct marketing settings is easiest using the form.

You can check your direct marketing settings by phoning our Customer Service. You can change your settings by using the form.

Personal data and their handling

Personal data include, in addition to the name, contact details and ID code, also information concerning e.g. the services used by the customer, payment record, user site and energy consumption.

Personal data are mostly obtained from customers themselves in connection with quotation requests, orders, contracts or other related contacts, as well as from energy consumption data obtained from energy meters installed in the customers' premises. Personal data are also gathered from customers through competitions, events, prize draws and when participating in other similar interactions.

In addition, personal data may be gathered and updated from the Population Information System, Suomen Asiakastieto register, telephone directory registers kept by telecoms companies, the preference service register held by the Data & Marketing Association of Finland, other authorities and businesses providing personal data services, and generally available online sources.

 Personal data are used in maintaining and developing the customer relationship, monitoring and collecting payments, maintaining, offering, developing and delivering products and services, as well as carrying out the internal and external product- and service-related functions of Helen Ltd.

Personal data are also utilised in the marketing and remote sales of products and services and in targeting direct marketing through profiling. Profiling is automated processing of personal data, whereby e.g. a person's behaviour, interests, financial situation or personal preferences are analysed or predicted using personal data. Profiling is used to create various customer categorisations and target groups based on gathered customer data.

Only Helen employees or authorised agents, who need the data in their work, have permission to use the data. Depending on the purpose of the register, data may be passed to Helen's partners, subsidiaries, service providers or subcontractors. Data may also be passed to the authorities, as provided in current legislation.

As in all our operation, we comply with laws, orders and regulations, as well as observing honesty, integrity and non-discrimination in dealing with customers, the authorities and other interest groups, also in relation to data protection.

Change your direct marketing settings

You may change your direct marketing settings using this form.

If you require an account of your personal data or their handling, please contact our Customer Service.