Electric vehicle charging network

When you use Helen’s electric vehicle charging points, you will be assured that your electric car will get you all the way to your destination. When you register as a customer of Helen’s Lataus, you will have Helen’s network of charging points at your service.



Helen’s public charging of electric vehicles

Our network of charging points includes more than 200 points, which are either rapid or fast charging points. As a customer of Helen’s Lataus, you will also have access to Virta’s Europe-wide EV charging network.

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Why choose Helen Lataus?

 No monthly fee. You only pay for actual charging events.

At Helen’s public EV charging points, your vehicle is recharged with clean wind power.

You also get free RFID tags for charging.

How to charge with Helen Lataus

Find the nearest available charging point. You can find it on the map view or the mobile app of our partner, Virta.

At the charging point, log in with the RFID tag of Helen Lataus (a card or a key ring) or with the mobile app of our partner, Virta.

Connect the cable and let the battery charge to as full power as you wish.

Stop charging in the same way as you started, i.e. either with the RFID tag of Helen Lataus or with the Virta mobile app.

  • As a customer of Helen Lataus, you will receive two different RFID tags free of charge: a key ring and a card. You can choose which one you want to use for starting the charge.
  • Before you receive the RFID tags, you can start charging with the mobile app of our partner, Virta.

Cost of charging at Helen’s own charging points

  • Helsinki city centre, zone 1: €2/h + €0.15/kWh      
  • Helsinki city centre, zone 2: €1/h + €0.15/kWh
  • Rest of Helsinki and elsewhere in Finland €0.25/kWh. No time charge for the first three hours. No time charge between 9pm and 7am. Charges that begin before 9 pm will be charged on a time-based basis for the duration of the charge.
  • Commuter parking €0.25/kWh. No time charge for the first 10h. 
  • Fast charge 50 kW €0.22/min.

The charging points in the Helsinki city centre also apply night tariffs. When charging starts between 9pm and 7am, the price of charging is €0.25/kWh without a separate time charge.

You can also charge your electric vehicle at the charging points of our partner, Virta, whose price list is available on the Virta mobile app. 

Because Helen Ltd. is part of the Virta network, EV roaming is available to you as our customer. This means that, in addition to our own charging point network, you can also charge your vehicle with our customer codes (with the RFID tag or by signing into the Virta application) at thousands of charging points across Europe. On the Virta mobile application map, the EV roaming charging points have been marked with a lighting icon (the V icon identifies the charging points in the Virta network). In Finland, EV roaming is available to our customers, for example, at the K-Lataus charging stations. The prices for EV roaming are available on the Virta mobile application in connection to the charging point in question.

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