Electricity Contract Selection Assistant

The Electricity Contract Selection Assistant provides the most suitable contract options for you based on your answers.

What type of house are you looking for an electricity contract for?

The type of residence and heating method significantly affect the selection of the most suitable electricity contract.

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Does the method of electricity production matter to you?

Do you want environmentally friendly produced electricity?

How do you feel about monitoring electricity prices?

Are you willing to monitor electricity prices on an hourly basis, on a monthly basis, or do you not want to monitor price changes at all?

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Do you have the ability and interest to schedule your electricity usage during the cheaper hours of the electricity market?

Scheduling includes, for example, heating an electric sauna, charging an electric car, and using underfloor heating, electric heating, or a water heater during the cheaper hours of the electricity market.

How do you feel about fluctuations in electricity prices?

Does your household have the flexibility for the electricity bill to be higher in some months than in others, or do you want the bill to be as consistent as possible every month?