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When you move home, we move with you. You don't have to start everything over when you change your address. We take care of all matters related to your electricity contract on your behalf.

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Draw up an instant electricity contract for your new home on our telephone service for house movers, which is open 24 hours a day.
Our phone line for home movers provides a 24/7 electricity contract service for existing and new customers.

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Calls to our phone line for movers are charged at standard local or mobile network rates.

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Don't forget these when you move house

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In the service provided by Posti, you can notify of your change of address to Posti and the Population Register Centre on one form.

Don't forget to notify the managers of your old and new housing company that you are moving.

Many companies will receive your new address from the Population Information System, but it is advisable to ensure this by submitting a separate notification of change of address to each company. You can check on the website of the Population Register Centre where the notification of change of address will be sent automatically. 

Removal companies are always busy at the turn of the month, and therefore it is worth booking them early.

Connecting to the internet at your new home may require a visit by a technician, and therefore it is worth notifying your service provider of your move in good time beforehand.

Make sure that your home insurance cover is sufficient also for your new home.

In a detached home, make sure that you have agreed on water supplies and waste collection. In Helsinki, draw up a contract on district heat deliveries or make sure that you have an appropriate electricity contract

In housing companies, major renovations must be notified to the manager of the housing company. Painting and decorating is permitted in privately owned apartments, but in rented apartments these must be agreed upon separately with the landlord. 

Moving house: frequently asked questions

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When you require an electricity contract urgently and need power quickly, call our phone line for movers on 09 617 8020, and your electricity contract can start immediately. The line is open 24/7, in other words we answer your call round the clock every day of the year. A call to the phone line for movers is charged at standard local or mobile network rates.

When you submit a notification of move on our form, you can have power in your new home even on the same day.

For example in Helsinki, Espoo or the Caruna network area, you can start the electricity contract on the same day free of charge. The distribution system operators listed below provide same-day power connection free of charge:

  • Helen Electricity Network Ltd
  • Caruna
  • Espoo Caruna
  • Järvi-Suomen Energia
  • Kuoreveden Sähkö
  • Lehtimäen Sähkö
  • Nurmijärven Sähköverkko
  • PKS Sähkönsiirto
  • Raahen Energia Rauman
  • Energia Sähköverkko
  • Seiverkot Tenergia
  • Tornion Energia
  • Vakka-Suomen Voima
  • Verkko Korpela
  • Vetelin Energia
  • Vimpelin Voima

Electricity contracts are specific to addresses. You can have several contracts in force at the same time at different addresses. You may need power at two places, for example if you are renovating your new home, but still living at your old address.

You should arrange your electricity contract for your new home in good time. However, if making the contract got left to the last minute, call Helen's phone line for movers on 09-617 8020 and we will organise your electricity contract to start immediately.

You should notify your present electricity vendor of the termination of your old contract as soon as your moving date is confirmed. The termination date of your old contract should be the date when the removal and final cleaning are completed. If you do not terminate your contract yourself, it will end at the latest when the new customer makes their own contract at the address. If you have terminated your old contract yourself, but the new customer has not made a new contract for the address, the power is cut off at the address.

In most cases, nothing. But if the new occupant has not made their own contract at the property, you will have to pay for their electricity usage until you terminate the contract or the new occupant makes an electricity contract for the address.

When you move house, submit a notification of move and we will continue your fixed-term contract at the new address at the same rates until the end of the contract term. You can submit the notification of move on our form or by calling our phone line for movers on 09-617 8020.

When you submit your notification of move on the form, we will make a contract for your new address corresponding to your current contract.

If you want to switch your electricity product, select the suitable product from our range. Fill in the order form and select the option for moving. You can also call our phone line for movers.

When you have submitted your notification of move on our form and clicked 'Send notification of move', you will end up on a page telling you that your details have been received. When the order has come into force, you will receive a further email notification.