Information about changing your electricity contract

The suitability of your current electricity contract can sometimes vary as your life situation changes, so it's a good idea to consider switching to a new contract.

Explore the options we offer to our customers who are considering changing their current electricity contract.

Changing your contract is easy

You can change your contract that is valid until further notice at any time on the 'Make an Electricity Contract' page:

  1. Choose the best contract for you.
  2. Change your contract by clicking 'Make a Contract.'
  3. In the final step of the order, specify that you're making a contract change.

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What is your situation?

I want to anticipate my winter electricity bills and switch to a fixed-price electricity plan.

  • Do you want to secure a specific fixed price for a longer period?
    We recommend a 6, 12, or 24-month fixed-term electricity contract. Currently, the most popular options are 12 and 24-month fixed-term contracts.
  • Do you want to have control over your electricity bill through your own consumption but prefer more predictability over hourly market price fluctuations?
    We recommend Helen Smart Electricity if you want to have control over your electricity bill through your own consumption, similar to market price electricity, but with more predictability than hourly pricing.
  • Do you want a fixed price for your electricity without a long-term commitment?
    We recommend an electricity contract that is valid until further notice.

I'm unsure whether to stay with a market price electricity contract or switch to a fixed-price contract.

Market price electricity customers should be aware that electricity prices can rise. We cannot yet estimate what the upcoming winter will bring in terms of electricity prices. However, electricity prices are typically higher in the winter when demand is greater.

If you want predictability in your electricity bills, we recommend switching to a fixed-price electricity contract.

We have introduced a 6-month fixed-term contract option, after which customers have the opportunity to switch back to a market price electricity contract.

I have recently received a renewal offer

If you find the electricity contract you want among the options in the offer, switching your electricity contract is easy. Select your desired product directly in Oma Helen or through the link you received via text message or email. If you want a different type of electricity contract than what was offered in the renewal, you can see all contract options here.

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The current term of your electricity contract still has more than three months remaining

A fixed-term electricity contract binds both parties. This provides security for both parties – the electricity supplier cannot change the price of a fixed-term contract, and the customer can benefit from a low price. We provide our customers with a new offer with updated prices approximately three months before the contract's end.

I want affordable electricity and secure an affordable price for my electricity

The best option for securing an affordable price for your electricity is a fixed-term electricity contract. Fixed-term contracts are available for different durations – we offer fixed-term electricity contracts for 6, 12, and 24 months. Currently, the most popular options are 12 and 24-month fixed-term contracts.

I would like to change my electricity contract, but I'm not sure if I have the option to change it

You can conveniently find the details of your current electricity contract in Oma Helen -service. We recommend logging in with your online banking credentials.

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Who can change their electricity contract?

Henkilö selaa sohvalla älypuhelinta kannettava tietokone sylissään

You can change your electricity contract at any time if you have one of the following indefinite-term electricity contracts: market price electricity contract, market-priced electricity, or a contract that is valid until further notice. You can check your contract type by logging in to Oma Helen.

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If you have a fixed-term electricity contract, we always adhere to the terms of the current contract. A fixed-term electricity contract is valid until the end of the contract period, after which you can switch to the electricity contract of your choice. You can check the end date of your electricity contract by logging in to Oma Helen.

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