Reliable district heating

District heating is used for heating homes and business premises and for keeping pavements clear of snow and ice. Reliable, effortless and energy efficient, district heating is a sensible heating solution. We also offer heating generated with renewable energy sources and modern cooling systems.

District heat

District heating is an affordable and reliable heating solution. It is also an energy-efficient choice, because district heat is produced in the same process with electricity.

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District heat is suitable for all kinds of houses

Find out about connecting your house to district heat.

District heat prices

Services for current customers

We offer an expert service on equipment replacement, consumption reporting, underfloor heating etc.

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Eco Heat Apartment

A couple of euros for the climate? Change your heating into Renewable District Heating. Renewable District Heating made of residual heat will reduce your carbon footprint.

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Electric heating

There are many things affecting the energy consumption of your home. With smart choices, you can reduce the energy spent on electricity consumption. We can help you to do that.

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Own energy use

Consumption habits play a big part in energy consumption and comfort of living.

District cooling for your household

Environmentally friendly cooling is available everywhere in Helsinki. Helen's cooling is subtle, carbon neutral and makes living more comfortable.

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