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Equipment replacement

Are you replacing your equipment? We offer an expert service on equipment replacement free of charge. The service ensures that the replacement of your district heating equipment is carried out cost-effectively and with utmost quality.

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Renovation work and consumption data

Would you like to order alteration work to district heating pipes and metering equipment? Contact us!

To order your property’s consumption data, please contact our customer service tel. 09 617 2856.

Consumption reporting

As our customer, you will also receive by post a district heat consumption and forecast report showing your annual actual and billed heat consumption.

In our free online services, you can monitor the energy consumption of your home.

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You can contact us by telephone or email when you want to ask, for example, about contracts, billing, consumption readings or district heating equipment.

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Underfloor heating

Water-circulating underfloor heating for damp areas is a reliable, economical and long-lasting investment in houses with district heat. It is worth preparing for even if you do not plan to carry it out straight away.

Why is it worth?

  • The property’s energy and lifecycle costs are reduced considerably.

  • It is the most energy-efficient way to implement underfloor heating in a house with district heat.

  • It is easy to install in new houses and those undergoing renovation.

  • The equipment does not need much room, there are no visible heating appliances.

  • Steady and comfortable heat, easy to control.

  • Damp rooms remain dry, no water damage.

Vesikiertoinen lattialämmitys on energiatehokkain tapa toteuttaa lattialämmitys kaukolämpötalossa.

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District heat

District heating is an affordable and reliable heating solution. It is also an energy-efficient choice, because district heat is produced in the same process with electricity.

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District heat prices

The price formation of district heat is open, and changes are foreseeable.

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Replacing equipment

We will help you when it's time to replace your district heating equipment.


If you would like to place an order for renovation work on district heating pipes and metering equipment, please contact our customer service.