Equipment replacement

District heating equipment is usually replaced when it is 20 years old.  With good planning, equipment replacement can be carried out without long breaks in heating – all through the year and even in one working day. 


  • individually designed equipment dimensioning, which is needed for new district heating equipment

  • help in the timing of replacement and in the selection of the contractor and new equipment

  • inspection of equipment plans and installation

  • reliable commissioning of new equipment


Dimensioning is based on the property’s energy consumption and the property data obtained from the property’s representative. We do not assume liability for the correctness of dimensioning or for any costs arising from it.

Equipment dimensioning is free of charge for property owners and housing managers.


You can agree on the installation of your district heating equipment with a competent contractor. As part of our quality control, we can recommend qualified district heat contractors who can offer you the equipment and installation. Request a quote on the contract offer form.

Dimensioning is carried out on residential buildings, which do not have air-conditioning units for commercial premises. The delivery time for dimensioning is about one week from receiving the dimensioning order.


The cost of equipment replacement in a one-family house is about EUR 5,000–8,000 depending on the equipment, the amount of work and the contractor. You can save in the costs by allowing for plenty of time when submitting your requests for a quote on new equipment. The cost of replacing the equipment is often lower in the winter.

The cost of equipment replacement for a housing company of an apartment block is about EUR 10,000–20,000.

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