District heat prices


Current price

1.3. - 30.4.

11,99 c/kWh

Spring period

Previous price

1.1. - 28.2.

11,35 c/kWh

Winter period

Future price

1.5. - 30.9.

Ilmoitetaan myöhemmin c/kWh

Summer period

Further information about the pricing of district heat.


Water flow fee (estimate) 700–1800 €/year
Energy fee (average price for 2022) 8,71 c/kWh

Connecting to the network

Connection fee excluding excavation work 5704 €
Connection fee including excavation work 6820 €

Services for customers

District heat advice Included in the annual fee
Expert service in equipment replacement Included in the annual fee
Consumption monitoring services Included in the annual fee
Additional services See the price list

The prices include 24% value added tax.

The district heating contract includes connection of the property to the district heating network and heat supply at the price for thermal energy according to the valid price list. The connection package also includes installation of district heating pipes all the way to the technical utility room, as well as the district heating metering and remote reading devices.

District heat terms of contract

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District heat

District heating is an affordable and reliable heating solution. It is also an energy-efficient choice, because district heat is produced in the same process with electricity.

What does the price consist of?

The price of district heat consists of the fixed water flow fee and the energy fee, which varies according to the time of year.