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Find out about the stages of connecting to district heat. You can also contact us and ask for further information about connecting your property to the district heating network.

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District heat is suitable for all types of houses

  • District heat is suitable for all kinds of properties, whether they are a new building or an old one changing its heating method. When you are changing the heating method, having a water or air circulating heating system is an advantage.
  • When you order the connection, we will install the district heating pipe all the way to the district heating meter. We will also inspect the contractor’s installation plan and the equipment before commissioning.
  • When you get in touch with us at an early stage, we can ensure a hassle-free connection schedule that best suits your needs. The connection process may take 2–3 months, but the final schedule will be agreed on site-specifically with the contractor.

Connection according to the type of house

For house builders, we offer the Kotilämpö connection, which does not include necessary excavation and filling work as these can be carried out by a contractor.

For renovation sites, we offer the Kotilämpö Plus connection, which includes excavation and filling work.

Houses other than detached or semi-detached ones can be connected to district heating according to their heating need with the Kaukolämpö 2, Kaukolämpö 10 or Kaukolämpö 100 contract.

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District heat contractors

As part of our quality control, we can recommend qualified district heat contractors who can offer you the equipment and installation.

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District heat equipment

When you join district heating, you will also need district heating equipment, which is acquired separately. The equipment must be acquired from the manufacturer of heat distribution centres.