Changing heating method

Connecting a property changing its heating method

1. Find out about your connection options by contacting us.

2. Once we have received information about the property, we will send you an offer and make an estimate of the annual heating costs of the property.

3. With respect of smaller residential properties, we carry out equipment dimensioning and provide instructions for a quote from a heating contractor for installing the district heat equipment.

4. In addition to the district heat connection, you must acquire and install a heat distribution centre for district heat. In the heat distribution centre, the thermal energy of the district heating water is conducted to the water circulating in the property‚Äôs heating circuit and domestic hot water.

5. Agree on the installation of district heating equipment. Request an offer on district heating equipment installation from a heat contractor approved by district heat sales.

6. Our experts will carry out an asbestos inspection at the property. If the asbestos insulation material is damaged, it must be repaired or removed by a company authorised to carry out asbestos renovation work.

7. The person planning the heating and the site representative agree on the branch line route, the branch line construction schedule and the location of the metering centre. We will send the heat contract for signing about one month before the connection is carried out.

8. The contractor of your choice will send us the HVAC plans of the property for inspection and approval. Before the equipment is commissioned, the heat contractor will order the commissioning inspection. 

9. If the electricity product of the property is time-of-day electricity with controlled night-time load, the electricity contract must be amended. When transferring to district heat, it is often necessary to reduce the size of the main fuse. Report it to Helen Electricity Ltd.

10. When transferring to district heat, it is also necessary to make changes to the electrical equipment. It is advisable to carry out the modification work in connection with other electrical work resulting from the change of heating method. The work can only be carried out by an authorised electrical contractor.

11. Information about the handling of decommissioned oil tanks is available from the City of Helsinki Environment Centre at +358 9 310 13000.