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We serve housing companies in all district heat-related issues.

Monitor the energy use of the housing company

In addition to paper reports, housing companies can also request the district heat consumption data with a remote data transmission unit installed in the property.

Request consumption data as remote transmission

Equipment replacement

We offer an expert service on equipment replacement free of charge. The service ensures that the replacement of your district heating equipment is carried out cost-effectively and with the highest quality.

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District heat modification work

We carry out modification work on district heating pipes and metering centres on a separate order. Please submit your order concerning modification work on the modification work page. We will then contact you as soon as possible to agree on the modification work. We will estimate the price separately in each case.

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Contract issues

Notify us of any changes concerning the district heat contract: termination of the contract, change of property ownership, and changes to billing data.

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District heat keeps pathways, yards and ramps free of ice and snow

  1. Snow does not accumulate on pathways, and they remain dry.
  2. Winter maintenance becomes easier – no need for expensive snow clearance and transport or gritting.
  3. The surface of the pathway remains free of ice, snow, and slush even during the winter.
  4. Walking is safer.
  5. Keeping areas clear of ice and snow with district heat is energy efficient.
  6. Installing a system for keeping areas clear of ice and snow is a cost-efficient investment that reduces the winter maintenance costs of your building year after year.

Benefits of underfloor heating with water circulation

Underfloor heating with water circulation is the most energy efficient way to implement in a building with district heating. After the implementation the energy and life cycle costs of the building are reduced significantly.

Underfloor heating with water circulation is easy to install both during renovation and in new buildings. The equipment does not require much space, no visible heating equipment.

It is also comfortable to use. The space requirement of the equipment is small, and no visible heating devices are installed in the apartments. The advantage of water circulating underfloor heating is also even and comfortable heat and good adjustability

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