Energy Bonus award to Heteniitty Elementary School

Published: 24.03.2014 12:54

Energy Bonus is an incentive award of 2,000 euros, granted once a year by Helsingin Energia for the development of environmental activities in schools in the Helsinki region. The Energy Bonus award encourages young people to discover ideas for projects that promote sustainable development and energy saving. The award was now presented for the eleventh time.

- The selection of the Heteniitty Elementary School was supported by the fact that the pupils are enthusiastically involved in environmental work: they even made the application video themselves all the way from the script. The pupils and teachers of the school are extremely innovative. For example, they have developed a sorting game played by the entire school, combining environmental issues with sporting activities and the competitive and community spirit, explains Environmental Specialist Pirjo Jantunen of Helsingin Energia.

Judging by the Energy Bonus applications, video filming is clearly becoming a popular channel for the youngsters, says Ms Jantunen. This year, over half of the applications were in the form of a video while in the previous years there have only been a few.

‘Eat what you take’ campaign was effective

At the Heteniitty Elementary School, all the basic issues of environmental work, such as sorting and energy saving, are in order. For example, the school has organised an ‘Eat what you take’ campaign in order to reduce the volume of food waste in the school canteen. The campaign has proved to be a great success.

The pupils have plenty of ideas on how to spend the award money: for example, they are planning to ask experts to give a lecture on sustainable development at the school. They are also planning a workshop day to turn rubbish into utility items. One of their dreams is to build a large work of art out of recycled material.

The Energy Bonus award was presented at the Mayor’s student association day at the Helsinki City Hall on Tuesday, 18 March.