News / 28.4.2017

Retro electric moped Töpsy gets new lease of life in students’ association

Helen is donating a 16-year-old electric moped for the use of the Guild of Civil Engineering of the Aalto University.

In the early 2000s, Helen’s City-el electric moped was used in various promotion tasks by Helsingin Energia. At the time it was one of the first electric mopeds in Finland. Its intriguing, futuristic shape and the new, advanced technology at the time attracted a lot of interest, e.g. in trade fairs and other events.

The electric moped was named Töpsy as a result of an internal name competition in Helen. The name will not be changed by the new owner.

– At the time, Töpsy was an excellent conversation starter for us, but it is now time for it to move on to pastures new. We hope that Töpsy will have a happy, active and safe future with the students, says Helen’s Marketing Manager Anu Ylänen.

The electric moped will reach its retirement after a few more years of operation as its condition and appearance are a little worse for wear. Töpsy is currently being repaired and taped up for the handing-over ceremony. After that, Töpsy will be given new tasks by the Guild.

– This is a truly unique and fun way to promote cooperation with companies. We will be using Töpsy at least in various events, such as in the Aalto Party this autumn and in similar outdoor events, says Ida Tasa, Master of Corporate Relationships in the Guild of Civil Engineers.

The official transfer of the moped to the new owner will take place at the Guild’s May Day event at 11.30am on 30 April, address Rakentajanaukio 4A.

Basic information about Töpsy:

• Make: City-el electric moped
• Manufacturer: CITYCOM AG
• Top speed: 40 km/h, with accessory 50 km/h
• Electric motor: nominal power 2.5 kW, peak power 3.5 kW
• Weight: 290 kg
• Radius: 20–60 km depending on driving technique
• Power consumption: 4–10 kWh/100 km
• Batteries: 3, total voltage 36 V, capacity (Ah) 90/100 Ah C5
• Charging time: 75% 3 hours, 100% 8–9 hours 
• Turning radius: 8.55 m
• Ground clearance: 120 mm
• Carries two people