News / 25.9.2018

Helen among top five in international branding contest

The Finnish energy company Helen was among the world's top brands in the international energy sector CHARGE branding contest in Reykjavik, Iceland. Helen won an award as one of the five top energy brands in the well-known brands category.

The award-winning brands were selected on the basis of results from a panel of experts, a customer survey, and independent analysis. Helen was included in the largest category of the contest, well-known brands. The other awards in the category were won by the Canadian Enmax, Italian Alperia and German Innogy. The top award in the category went to the German energy behemoth E.ON.

Helen received praise for bold reforms and innovative brand-building methods. Helsingin Energia was reborn as Helen in 2015, after which the brand has been developed in all its various aspects.

In the contest, Helen was able to present excellent results: Helen's customer satisfaction is at the top of the sector, and the customer numbers have reached record levels at well over 400,000. With regard to Helen's brand recognition and image development, the results have been remarkable: the change in brand recognition over three years was 330% and the change in environmental image 106%. Helen has also climbed the ratings to become the most responsible brand among Finnish energy companies.

"We were participating in the contest for the first time, and it's wonderful that we did so well in the high-level competition among international giants. We are particularly pleased that our customers have evaluated us so positively. The brand is built through all contacts, and therefore shows the work done by every member of Helen's staff," says Sanna Jääskeläinen, Helen's Head of Communications and Brand.

CHARGE is the energy sector's global branding contest, organised for the third time this year. An international panel of experts selected 80 energy brands from different parts of the world for the contest, awarding prizes to the best in six categories.

The CHARGE Awards were presented at the international CHARGE brand event, which gathers together in Reykjavik energy sector representatives and influencers from around the world.

"The revolution facing the energy sector is evident and the sector is undergoing radical change – this is also seen in brand development. Companies have invested in brand-building and marketing, as well as improving customer experience and services. Many companies have done brilliant work, and this is important for the development of the entire sector," says Jääskeläinen.



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