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Myllypuro Ice Sports Centre to serve as source of district heat – waste heat recovered to keep Helsinki residents' homes warm

Myllypuron jääurheilukeskus Oy has signed a letter of intent with Helen Ltd. The other project partners, Caverion and YIT, have been involved in planning the project since 2019. An important facet of the project is the ingenious utilisation of waste heat, combined with responsible environmental planning and design of buildings. At its best, the ice sports centre will no longer be just carbon-neutral, but it will create a carbon handprint by also generating energy for the surrounding urban environment.

Cooling of the sports centre's ice rinks generates a significant amount of waste heat as a byproduct, which can be used to produce district heating, for example. Helen has joined forces with its project partners to find the best way to process the waste heat byproduct into district heating. This way, the emission-free and renewable district heat generated incidentally from other processes can be harnessed also for the use of other Helen customers. More than 90 percent of Helsinki's building stock is connected to the district heating network.

"We are delighted to be involved in a project that also supports our goal of a carbon-neutral future. We want to be at the forefront as our customers' energy partner, working on emission-free and renewable energy solutions. The district heating and cooling network is an excellent platform for all new technology solutions. The network is a prime example of a system lending itself to efficient utilisation of waste heat. Helen already utilises treated waste water and waste heat recovered from properties and data centres," says Anu-Elina Hintsa, Helen's SVP, Sales and Customer Service.

Waste heat keeps several blocks warm

The amount of waste heat generated by the ice sports centre corresponds to the estimated average energy volume required by about 270 detached houses per year. The environmental impact of a building is a crucial consideration when evaluating an energy solution to provide the necessary cooling and heating. The carbon footprint of the ice sports multifunction centre will be minimised through an energy solution that utilises carbon dioxide cooling and by making use of waste heat.

"We are pleased to be able to develop the energy solution of the ice sports centre in Myllypuro into a comprehensive and smart urban energy solution. Through cooperation, we want to ensure a solution as low-carbon and lifecycle-efficient as possible and be involved in promoting the City of Helsinki's goal of carbon-neutrality by 2035 at the latest," says Ville Tamminen, CEO of Caverion Finland.

Finding resource- and energy-savvy solutions is the result of new kind of cooperation between all actors. The intention is for the decisions to serve all city residents and also make good sense for taxpayers.

"Participating in urban development and improving sports facilities is important for YIT. In addition to sustainable energy solutions through its lifecycle, consideration of the environment during construction is an essential part of the building project. For example, all quarry material from the project will be used primarily in the construction of the ice sports centre or alternatively on other sites," says Anne Piiparinen, Head of Division, Infrastructure Construction, from YIT.

For years, the Olympic Committee has kept the project on its list of nationally significant projects, and it is currently ranked number one. The value of the project is approx. EUR 20 million. At its meeting on 29 March 2021, the Helsinki City Council reserved a plot of land located on Ratasmyllynkuja for the sports centre planned by Myllypuron jääurheilukeskus Oy.


  • The partners of the Myllypuro Ice Sports Centre project are Caverion, Helen Ltd and YIT.
  • The Finnish Skating Association and the Finnish Figure Skating Association have been taking the sports centre project forward for years through Myllypuron jääurheilukeskus Oy, the company they founded jointly.

  • The project is part of the Myllypuro Sports Park, which serves a wide range of local people's exercise needs, clubs and top athletes.

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