News / 1.3.2022

Due to the Ukrainian situation Helen will for the moment stop procuring coal from Russia

Due to the geopolitical situation, we have decided to stop for the moment procuring coal from Russia. In other respects, we as a company comply with the sanctions in force related to the Ukrainian crisis.

We are actively monitoring the new geopolitical situation, which is constantly changing, and we have made provision for the fact that the situation may have significant impacts on the availability of raw materials, such as gas, coal and oil, as well as imported electricity. Despite the potential impacts of the geopolitical situation on the availability of raw materials, we are able to supply heat and electricity to our customers.

Helen has a diverse heat production portfolio in Helsinki. It is of utmost importance for our company to safeguard energy management under all situations, and therefore we are seeking more diverse fuel procurement channels than at present. We have already previously communicated about our plans for accelerated implementation of a distributed energy production system over the coming years, as a result of which our dependence on imported energy will be reduced further.

Our energy procurement is safeguarded in terms of the rest of the winter and the spring and summer. For the winter period of 2022–2023, we will implementing new heat production methods, such as the Vuosaari bioenergy heating plant and the seventh heat pump for Katri Vala.

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