News / 30.5.2022

Helen increases its solar energy production at a rapid pace – the first utility-scale solar farm to be built in Nurmijärvi during the summer

We want to point the way ahead in the energy transition and meet electrifying society’s need to boost energy self-sufficiency with emission-free energy production. Solar farms, which are still uncommon in Finland, will be an important component in the electricity production mix. Helen’s first solar farm will be built in Nurmijärvi during the summer, and there are similar projects in the pipeline for the near future.

The EU has a tough target to double the electricity production capacity of solar energy by 2025 in accordance with the REPowerEU plan. Increasing the amount of electricity produced with solar energy will also support our target to be carbon neutral by 2030.

- Utility-scale solar farms are an efficient solution to increase solar energy production and meet the growing demand for electricity. They are an efficient addition to the electricity production mix, having already proved their productivity elsewhere in Europe, says Sari Mannonen, Senior Vice President, Solutions & Portfolio Development, Helen Ltd.

Solar farms are also a suitable concept in Finland because it is shown that solar radiation in Southern Finland is at the same level as in Central Europe, and Finland’s climate is proven to suit well the efficient use of solar panels.

-In the future, the amount of solar energy in Finland will be multiplied several times over. Our solar farm business is getting off to a speedy start, and we want to be at the forefront of these operations. We have the capability to cover the entire value chain from start to finish, from project development to implementation and operation. Investment in solar energy supports our carbon neutrality target and the transition to a distributed energy system where energy is produced from various sources, says Minna Junnikkala, head of Helen’s Solar and Wind Energy business.

Nurmijärvi solar farm is the first of many

The solar farm owned by Helen, to be located in the Nurmijärvi region along the Finnish national road 3, will have a ground-mounted solar power plant of approximately 2,800 solar panels, covering an area of about three hectares. Its total capacity is 1.5 MWp, which corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of 750 one-bedroom flats. With the annual production of the solar farm, you would drive, for example, an average of 10,000,000 kilometres with an electric vehicle.

-Our solar business has shown good growth, with both businesses and consumers being increasingly interested in electricity generated by solar power and purchasing power plant shares. The increased interest is due to a wish to invest in sustainable development and to be involved in producing domestic emission-free solar electricity in a concrete way, Junnikkala sums up.

Nurmijärvi solar farm was partly funded by Environmental Penny, which enables both consumers and Helen fund together the building of renewable energy solutions in Finland.

Everyone can produce electricity with designated panels and power plant shares

All interested customers are not able to acquire their own solar plant either due to a non-bearing roof, rented property or unfavourable location. Therefore, in the Nurmijärvi solar farm we have combined an option for businesses and consumers to be an electricity producer with a power plant share or designated panels. The solar farm will enable acquisition of various power plant shares for a company’s use, which will directly reduce the emissions produced by the company. In addition to a power plant share, consumers will be able to hire designated panels at the solar farm. The solar energy produced by designated panels will be deducted on the electricity bill from electricity produced in other ways. The advance sale of designated panels and plant shares at the Nurmijärvi solar farm will start during the summer.

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