News / 20.7.2022

New service, Yritys Helen, offers information about energy consumption even down to the hourly level

Helen is developing comprehensive digital services for customers. The services make it easier for customers to deal with their energy matters and provide new understanding of energy consumption. Helen has launched Yritys Helen, a new digital service for business and housing company customers. It enables monitoring of a property’s energy consumption even at the hourly level over the previous three years

Helen carries out an ever-increasing amount of development on digital services for its customers in the energy sector. Helen has previously launched the Oma Helen service for consumer customers, with the current number of customers exceeding 250,000. Yritys Helen brings digital services and monitoring of energy consumption to business and housing company customers.

“In the same way as other industries, the energy sector is turning digital native, and we want to act as a trailblazer in this change,” says Tuomas Teuri, Helen’s Chief Digital Officer.

Helen’s digital services are developed with a comprehensive approach. In future, customers can manage all their energy-related issues at any time, wherever they wish. Flexible and tailored digital services enable even better customer experience and make customers’ everyday lives easier.

“We use data to offer our customers new understanding of their own energy consumption. As we are constantly increasing new data sources in addition to consumption data, we can provide even more effective data services,” Teuri continues.

Data and digitalisation are signposts to carbon neutrality

Data and digitalisation not only enable better services for customers, but they also accelerate green transition. Helen is committed to being carbon neutral by 2030. Utilisation of data and digitalisation accelerate the transition towards a distributed energy system where energy is produced from different sources.

“We are boosting the efficiency of the energy system with advanced analytics and artificial intelligence,” says Mikko Muurinen, Head of Data and AI. “Analytics and AI solutions help to identify new opportunities in reducing the carbon footprint.”

As one of the AI solutions, Helen is building a digital twin of its district heating network, enabling more efficient utilisation of energy flows. That way, in the future, Helen will be able to predict and optimise energy production, demand, distribution and storage even better than before.

Energy services of a new era are developed with a customer-oriented approach

With Yritys Helen, business and housing company customers can monitor their energy consumption and understand it better. Customers can, for example, compare district heat consumption with the same period in the previous year.

“In the Yritys Helen service, we have paid attention to ease of use and user friendliness. Customers need not understand the energy business because the data and reports provided by the service are easy to understand,” sums up Kaisa Sundman, Head of Digital Channels.

Customer understanding is utilised in the development of Yritys Helen. Customers have been involved in the planning of the Yritys Helen service from the start. Helen continues further development of the service, listening to the customers.

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