News / 1.2.2024

Helen to start change negotiations in the 'Customers and services' and 'Heating and cooling' business units

 In 2023, Helen updated its strategy to support the company's long-term competitive strength and the green transition. The implementation of the strategy will focus on flexibility and profitability. Profitability as a strategic choice will ensure sufficient resources for investing in the green transition. The goal is carbon neutral energy production by 2030.

In the short term, we will phase out the use of coal and invest in the production of renewable electricity. In the medium term, we will electrify some of our heat production, use biomass and seize new growth opportunities. In the long term, we will further increase the use of electricity in heat production and phase out combustion-based energy production by 2040.

The updated strategy also means a reorganisation of the company into business units that will be accountable for the results of their respective activities. Each business unit has specified its business plans in line with the new strategy in the short, medium and long term. The long-term planning has introduced profitability-related challenges in some of our activities.

Helen is initiating change negotiations concerning the Product Management and B2B Sales units under the 'Customers and services' business as well as the BSE Customer Solutions and Remote Control work units of the 'Heating and cooling' business. The change negotiations will not concern any other of Helen’s business units. The scope of the negotiations covers about 76 people. According to the estimate, the negotiations may lead to the termination of 52 employment contracts. Helen's purpose in carrying out these adjustment measures is to seek business profitability in 2025. The change negotiations will be launched on 2 February and are estimated to be completed by the end of February.