Hehku solar power plant

The high-quality solar panels of the Hehku solar power plant enable the efficient and sustainable production and use of solar energy. The Hehku solar power plant is a reliable, customised choice that will help you produce your own renewable electricity. To learn more about the Hehku solar power plant and contact us, see the end of this page.

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Reliable solar power production for any detached house

Delivered by Helen and customised for the customer’s needs, the Hehku solar power plant uses the traditional P-type Mono PERC solar panels. The solar panels of the Hehku solar power plant are reliable and maintain great capacity even after 25 years of use. The solar panels in the Hehku solar power plant have the traditional grey-black colouring.​

  • Reliable production of renewable energy​
    The traditional technology of the panels offers a reliable means of producing renewable energy and increasing your energy self-sufficiency.​
  • A profitable and long-term investment​​
    The high-quality components of the Hehku solar power plant guarantee a long-term investment.​
  • Customised to suit your needs​
    Each solar power plant delivered by Helen is scaled and customised to meet the customer’s needs.

Oma Helen helps you get the most out of your solar panels

The Oma Helen app keeps you up-to-date on all of your energy-related affairs. It provides an overview of the information you need on your home’s electricity consumption and the output of your solar panels. For example, it helps you allocate consumption to the hours when your solar panels generate the most electricity.

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