Blogi / 15.10.2020

New services and solutions – how to succeed in emerging markets?

In the second episode of the “Uutta voimaa” (New power) series, we discuss how new products, services, and solutions are successfully scaled globally. The guests in this episode are Sari Mannonen, Senior Vice President of Solution Business at Helen, and Hanna Inget, Head of New Services and Solutions at KONE.

What does it take for a company to succeed and grow in a global market? I believe the key to success lies with the customer. You need to understand the customers’ needs and the value they seek. Our vision at Helen is to be the most customer-centric energy company in Finland. This means that we understand what our existing and potential customers need, how they behave and what brings them value. And then deliver solutions accordingly.

The energy sector is fast-tracking to carbon neutrality. Helen operates in an extremely interesting market, in which success requires customer focus, cross-border collaboration and courage to innovate. A sector transformation is always an opportunity to launch completely new solutions and to scale the market. Helen is seeking strong growth in diverse energy-linked fields: eMobility, solar energy and smart buildings.  

KONE is a global company, which has succeeded extremely well in the elevator and escalator business, or People Flow. But what has it done right? According to Hanna Inget, co-creation with the customers has helped KONE understand where the true value for the customer lies. Co-creation takes place throughout the process of developing new products and services. I strongly believe this is the key to succeed in scaling new business.

As Sari Mannonen says, technology makes it possible, people make it happen. Join our conversation and hear some more tips around customer-centric solution development!

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